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Official Battery

Yaesu FNB-78

The Yaesu FNB-78 Battery plugs into the FT-897/D. It produces 13.2 VDC at 4500 mAh. The radio can hold one or two and one can be in use while the other is charging.

FNB-78 Specifications
Capacity 4500 mAh
Number of Cells 11
Full Voltage 13.2 V
Discharged 11.0 V
Typical charge current 1400 mA

Unofficial Battery

W4RT One Plug Power OPP-897

The One Plug Power OPP-897 is a premium battery pack specifically developed by W4RT Electronics for the FT-897 and FT-897D. The capacity of this pack is the 4500 mAh, whcih is the same as the much more expensive Yaesu battery pack. The OPP-897 is properly fused and has the proper connectors to interface with the FT-897(D) and both the W4RT One FAST Charger OFC-897 and Yaesu charger.

OPP-897 Specifications
Capacity 4500 mAh
Number of Cells  ?
Full Voltage  ? V
Discharged  ? V
Typical charge current  ? mA
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